Richly Scented Candles – What Exactly Does This Mean?

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Richly scented candles are the ones you need to buy if you want to enjoy the scent of the candles outdoors as well as indoors. These candles do not lose their scent when you light them outside on the patio table. Richly scented candles do not contain essential oils, but rather they contain fragrances similar to perfumes. You can have floral scents, fruit scents or the scent of home baked goodies. The scents from richly scented candles are perfectly safe to use in your home and are balanced evenly throughout the candles to give you even effects when you burn them.

When you buy richly scented candles, experts will tell you that it is healthier to buy soy candles. This is because artificial candle scents in soy wax will liquefy and the candle will burn all the way down. You have less soot with soy candles than with richly cented candles made from paraffin wax. Beeswax is also another great choice to make when buying a richly cented candle. This is an all natural ingredient that is healthy to use in your home.

There are many different candle scents you can choose from when buying or making richly scented candles. Some of these scents sound very strange, while others conjure up ideas of tropical holidays in the sun. Some of the scents used in making richly cented candles may take you back to the days of your childhood in such scents as bubblegum, popcorn or different kinds of candy. There are various berry scents you can have wafting through your home when you light a richly cented candle. You may find yourself experimenting with a lot of these scented candles before you find the scent that you enjoy most of all.

Richly scented candles are also odor eliminators because they can help hide the smell of cooking or pet odors. The warm glow of a burning candle along with the various candle scents can transform the atmosphere of any room. The long lasting aroma will stay in the air long after you extinguish the flame of a richly cented candle and in most cases you don’t have to light the candle to benefit from its wonderful scent.

Richly scented candles usually contain fragrance oils, such as those you find in lotions, soaps and shampoos. However, there is only so much fragrance that you can add to candle wax. If you add too much it will run out. When making your own richly scented candles, you do need to keep this in mind so that you will have perfect results every time.