How Decorative Candles Can Accent Any Room

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Even though there is simply very little known about the origin of candles so it’s origin is meant to reach back 5,000 years to the Ancient Egyptians. Furthermore it is written, the Ancient Egyptians developed candles as a light source and illumination for celebrations and their rituals. Those candles had no wicks at that time yet. Later, about 3,000 BC, the Egyptians developed the first candles with wicks and the Ancient Romans have further developed the candle making with wicks.

How can candles be used to add additional accents to a room?

In our present time the days of a candle’s primarily purpose to function as a light source only, have been gone for a long time but the candles itself are as popular as ever.

There is a wide selection of all different kinds of candles available to help different decorative purposes and in order to fit the different styles and types of candle holders. Pillar or tapered candles, Fun or Poem / Prayers candles, candle sticks and votive candles are the most popular to name. With nowadays technologies it is possible the candle wax tart or soy wax very well to be formed to almost every design, even incredibly distinctive and whimsical shapes. Besides of that, there is no limitation of colors for candles. From the classic white-colored candles over festive colors including bordeaux and gold to multi colored candles – almost all of the buyer’s wishes and needs can be served.

If you would like to add an extra touch of refinement to the comfort and cozyness of your home, you could make use of the full palette of colors and fresh, sweet-smelling fragrances of scented candles without getting broke over it! Scented and aromatherapy candles also have become known as an amazing piece for interior decoration and are generally an excellent choices for almost any room in your home. Those kinds of candles are excellent stress-relievers and support very well the physical and mental relaxation. On the other hand, scented candles can for instance help in getting rid of the cooking odor or also to help the unwanted smell of cigarette smoke and will add instead a delightful lovely scent to the room.

Almost countless different aroma scents can be found, not just for seasonal use or special Holidays like for Christmas or Thanksgiving, also for the daily use. So in example are Cappuccino or Mocha scents really popular and also stimulating fruit scents like strawberry or melon have found their ways in our homes.

Also the tea light may be considered a candle since in today’s times it is used more as a pretty accent, than just being a heat source, which keeps a teapot hot. Te alights presented on a stylish designed tea light candle holder certainly are a very special home accent and eye catching. On the other hand tea lights may also be used to warm up the fragrance oils of oil warmers and of course – to keep your tea hot.

A lit candle can always be seen as an excellent way to highlight a table or almost every other spot in the room in a kind of festive way. Well, think of a candle light dinner – the candle light will provide the romantic ambiance. And who wouldn’t consider the application of candles on birthday cakes? A birthday cake is not perfect without the use of decorative cake candles. And if those candles even might sparkle, so this without a doubt will be even more delightful not only to the person who the cake is meant for.

Have you ever considered to use a candle as a centerpiece? It is proven, the right candle and candle holder combination or a candle presented on a decorative plate will definitely add elegance to your coffee table, side table or mantel.

With the use of a wall candle holder you can even accent an otherwise bare spot on a wall in very decorative way with candles.

How can I use candles outdoors?

You even can use candles outside the house, to produce an inviting feeling on your patio or terrace.

Specific lanterns or candle jars designed for outdoor use will help to protect the candle from the wind.

If you have a decorative wall around your patio or terrace so place a few candle jars or lanterns on them.

Also you can add a lantern or candle jar as a centerpiece of your outdoor table. It will be eye catching and spend additional light at night. Also you can hang up some decorative lanterns filled with a candle on decorative brackets on the outside wall of your home.

Also well worth mentioning are the citronella outdoor candles, which help to repel mosquito. Are they really working? It is proven they really work but only provided the wind isn’t blowing away the scent that is released from the candle while it is burning. Mosquito do not like the special citronella scent those candles release and also this strong scent covers the carbon monoxide that we release with our breath and that attracts the mosquito.

Can you make your own candles?

You sure can and as a matter of fact, the number of people making their own candles and paint or decorate theme as per their own ideas is steadily increasing. There are numerous excellent articles with information about candle making offered on the internet, along with books that you can buy about the different ways of how to make candles. Those information sources will tell you about the different kinds of wax, the different aromas for scented candle making and wicks that can be used.

A word of warning.

There’s a very special natural beauty and tranquility to a lit candle but generally remember, it is an open flame and by this a fire hazard, if not monitored. Ensure you will in no way leave a burning candle unattended. Always keep burning candles clear away from anything that easily could catch fire and last but not least keep your burning candles out of reach from young children and pets.