Choosing Scented Candles For Your Home

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One of the simplest, most unobtrusive ways to enhance your living space is to use a scented candle. Scented candles can be chosen to match the decor of your room or to contrast with the colours, drawing the eye to the candle. Once the candle is lit the aroma which fills the room can be fruity, spicy or have a flowery scent. Both you and your guests will be able to relax in the beautiful scent imparted to your room by this type of candle.

What advantages do scented candles have over electrical diffusers or reed diffusers? Some of these diffusers are simply connected right at the electrical socket on your skirting board or wall. They have nothing like the good looks of a beautifully crafted candle that can come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Sure, diffusers are coloured by the oil they contain, but few would claim that they have the same visual appeal as a handmade candle.

Because of the position of electrical sockets in some rooms, electrical diffusers can be tucked away behind a sofa or under a sideboard or dressing table. They are not particularly attractive, so it’s maybe just as well! However, they serve only one single purpose: to evaporate the oil inside the diffuser, though they have one advantage over the candle that will be discussed shortly.

A scented candle, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to match its design and colour with your room décor. You can also select a size that matches the dimensions of your room: a large tall candle for rooms with a high ceiling, or smaller squat scented candles for smaller rooms. You also have an option in their presentation, such as small floating candles that you can place in a lovely glass bowl, tea lights for branched candle holders and large church candles for the more formal look.

Some candles are expertly sculpted in a variety of shapes and designs, while others have decorations entwined round them, added afterwards to the main pillar. You can even purchase scented candles in jars that come in a whole host of beautiful shapes and colours, and they are portable so you can take them with you while on holiday or visiting relatives.

Electrical diffusers, on the other hand, are not available in anything like the range of scented candles. Reed diffusers can at least look good as well as carry out their function of drawing up essential oils and enabling them to evaporate into your room. However, there is little to beat the fascination people have with a living flame, and that’s another reason for the appeal of a scented candle: it is multifunctional in offering a beautifully perfumed room, good looks and the allure of a flickering flame.

The range of perfumes available today is vast, and your room could be infused with the scent of lavender, or lovely and fresh with the fragrance of rose, or even filled with the exotic aroma of cinnamon or sandalwood. Others aromas available include sweat pea, vanilla, juniper, pine, and a multitude of spices. The list goes on and on. There is hardly a fragrance you can name that is not available in the form of a scented candle, meaning you have an almost unlimited choice when lighting a candle in the evening to suit your mood.

Candles can also be used to suit a particular room. You could place a scented candle in your bathroom, for you to enjoy during a warm, relaxing bath, perhaps with one or two floating candles in the bath itself. You can also burn scented candles in your bedroom; a nice romantic evening with the scent of musk or sandalwood to suit your mood. Many people have fun wandering around the shops checking out the range of candles available to them, and taking their time to choose the perfumes that would suit them best.

Some have their favourite candle designers, others go for specific combinations of colours, while for the majority the fragrance is the most important property they are seeking. With electrical diffusers, all you really have much option with is the fragrance, and even these are limited compared to scented candles. However, diffusers, too, have their place in the modern home, and they can be fitted to timers so that they are switched on before you get back home after a hard day at work. That is one significant benefit of an electrical diffuser over a scented candle: your home can be infused with a wonderful fragrance when you get back with the shopping, after work or after collecting the children from school.

Scented candles also make excellent gifts, particularly if know the recipient’s preferences. They are light years better than an artificial-smelling, plastic air freshening block stuck hidden away behind a unit somewhere. Room sprays have their place, but they are not as versatile as candles as a means of providing fragrance to your home.

So if you are seeking some way of making your home smell better, or even to customise the fragrance of a room with its use, scented candles offer the most versatile means of doing so, while electrical diffusers are good if you want them to switch on at set times – before coming home, or in your bedroom prior to your normal waking time. Each has its uses, with candles being the more adaptable in terms of design, colour and perfume.